blog post 2

The ar the first one the web we need to give students. It says how students should here own voice and web present however their conflicting view points on how students can post freely. it also talks about when they have their own site it says they have the freedom to say what they want to say. and how it helps build a digital profile for them sleeves to.

The second article it talks how colleges started using domains in their classrooms about if a student post for a teacher do they really have a choice if their teacher is listing they can pick the words but not the topic. It’s also saying that the audience never changes its always the teacher or class that’s listing to the one who wrote the blog. also, students want to be seen by their work or assailments. People are saying that’s it’s not the best thing to put the assailments online because of discussions latter on. That’s what I found on these two articles.

















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