digital activety 10

We have done so many digital activities. One that i think we should have done is find which search engine is gives you the best results and if you use that one regularly. The reason i think we should have done this is they give you different results yes sure you get what you need but you’re not always getting exactly what you want. I think we should have done this the assignment could have been like we were put into groups and then you gave us all the same question and we see who came back with the best results and how long it took them to find out this results and what engine they used. And if anyone got the same results i think that would be very interesting. Another digital activity i think we should have done is making a movie or short film but every group has to use a different type of recording device like either a recording camera iphone android computer camera and then we can all see the difference in it and how it came out and why it came out like that and then maybe we could have went into details about it but beide movie we also in the same group took pictures and then we see the quality of it like if you are using your iphone compared to a disposable camera i think the iphone will be better quality then the disposable camera or better then your computer because the computer you can only have it on selfie mode really were your phone you can have on both so that would help for movie and pictures. if we did these 3 digital actives i believe that they would be very interesting for us considering our generation we are always on are devices so it would help keep things normal so to speak.


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