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The app quizlet is a great app. This app lets you make study guides or review cards for test or projects. You make study cards in the app and then you can play review games with that. You can also see other people’s guides related to the topic you’re studying if you just type in what you want you will most likely find it. But the site is really used for flash cards it is very good i have used it before and it is decently helpful for studying the games are great for eview. But also you can really look up any topic and there will be info to help you with your studying. For example if your doing a paper on cold war if you look that up study guides will come up to help you. Also you can share gudies with your friends to help them study. The games for studying very from matching to a normal review test or a game called gravity were the word falls down and you have to write the definition before the word falls off the page and as you get them write the words fall faster and faster. Another one is it says the word and you have to type it or it says the definition and you have to write the word or it gives you word and you type the answer. So if i was to give this site a review i would give it a good one because this is a very helpful site. It is helping so many people myself included so i would definitely recommend this app for people to use. But i would not recommend you using this as a cheat sheet i say you should first work on your own then maybe check the site for a little help but for sure use it for studying it will help you so much.

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