google self

When i googled myself. I was expecting to find a lot on myself i really was. But to my surprise. I found very little on me personally. I found my facebook when i looked on I also found more about my family members i found my grandmother’s obituary and some other family stuff i also found a lot of stuff on my dad’s uncle who is a very well known chemist who has worked at sloan kettering in nyc.. It was very interesting to see what i saw though. I was definitely expecting more then i found though on me at least. I was expecting something on other stuff that i have been involved in the past EX when i was in middle school i was the manger on the basketball team. And we went on a tournament and we won all the games. Are team picture was posted in the jewish newspaper with all are names. So i was expecting that to come up when i look my name up. But this is also a good thing. since that means i have a chance to put more out there about me. I got to make my mark in a good way only. This means i got to get involved more in school stuff or blog more. I should definitely start using twitter more also get myself out there. So when i am looking for a job and my boss looks me up i want him/her to see only good things. But definetly need to make a bigger online footprint. In 5 years when i look myself up beside seeing graduate of muhlenberg. I want them to see more about me i do not ¬†want to them to find nothing or myself to find nothing. So overall i thought i would find more but it is definitely a wake up call in way to get more out there.


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