Technology Autobiography

The most early use of technology that I rember was probly when I was in 1st or 2nd grade and it was a gameboy. I was allways  using it. It was a lot of fun having it. Stories my parents tell me about technology is that when they were growing up they did not have cell phones or anything they had like maybe 1 computer in their home they also say be very careful because once something is out there it can never be erased so be very careful they tell me. In my house popular gadgets were like a tv, computer, phones or like a tablet of some sort those were the gadgets I had growing up. Over time I have had so many things of tec I started off with a gameboy then I got a ds from then I got 3d ds. After that I got a phone and know I have a iphone7 plus and a mac laptop. I mean  tec has also changed in cars and tv since I was a kid now they had self driving cars Bluetooth touch start engines its crazy. The person in my life who use technology and uses it a way that showes love would be everyone that I know because no one takes it for granted. In life people post stupid stuff and that can lead to consequences

With losing your job or friends. technologically literate means to understand technologically at the fullest to understand computers and like phones. In school today im using a lot of tec esspec;y my phone and mac they are very important to me to get work done. So over all tec is a very important part in my life.


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